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September 27, 2007

Tattoo Removal: Things you should know

Years ago it was said that no one who was psychologically "normal" got a tattoo. Now getting a tattoo is hot, and many mainstream people have them. As the number of tattoos increases, so does the demand for tattoo removal. One initial word of advice. Don't get a name tattooed on you. 50% of marriages end in divorce, and other relationships, with the exception of parent and child, are even more ephemeral. Tattoos are much easier, and cheaper, to get than to get rid of.
There are many ways to get rid of tattoos: surgery, dermabrasion, acid treatments, sanding, abrading with salt and the use of lasers. With the exception of surgery (cutting it out), all the treatments require repeated assaults on the tattoo.

Sometimes people will attempt to obliterate a tattoo by covering it with another tattoo. This sometimes works, but it generally is not a good idea. You end up with a tattoo that is not one that you initially wanted, and sometimes this can make the tattoos even more difficult to remove. The worst idea is to try to tattoo skin color over the original tattoo, to disguise it. This never matches the true skin color, and the colors used can be impossible to remove and can darken with laser treatment.
Because laser tattoo removal is the tattoo removal method with the least risk of scarring, this has become the preferred technique for tattoo removal. The single most important thing to know about laser tattoo removal is that it is dependent upon the colors of the ink used in the tattoo. Dark blue, black and red are the colors that are easiest to remove. Other colors are progressively more difficult or impossible to get rid of.
In the next post I'll discuss more about laser tattoo removal, but for more information now you can look at our web site California Skin Laser Tattoo Removal .

Gerald N. Bock MD
Stockton, CA



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