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September 28, 2007

Cosmetic Surgery Disasters

There is an article in today's Toronto Star about cosmetic surgery being performed by apparently untrained general practitioners, resulting in a death following liposuction Toronto Star Article . The clinic at which this occurred also features a RN as their injectable-filler specialist" injectable-filler-specialist " for fillers and Botox. On their web site they discuss choosing a cosmetic surgeon "choosing a cosmetic surgeon" , and they make no distinctions between family physicians and specialties that have cosmetic procedure training as part of their core curriculum (plastic surgery, dermatology, opthalmology).

The physician whose patient died, and who is mentioned in the article as having no specialties or hospital privileges listed, is mentioned on the site as an example of someone with an excellent reputation.
In my talks I tell patients that it is a jungle out there. There are no guarantees. A family physician may do excellent cosmetic procedures. I have seen bad results produced by plastic surgeons. Nevertheless, all things being equal, for invasive procedures, even fillers and Botox, your odds are better with a physician than with a nurse, your odds are better with a physician trained in one of the core cosmetic specialties, and your odds are better if there is a physician on site when any procedure is performed. A physician who has been in practice for a period of years and has an established track record, and a physician who is respected by other physicians is a good starting point.

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Is there any way to realistically put back a severely oversected nose? A surgeon took so much off mine, and I never knew what he was going to do nor approved of it.

I don't do noses, and don't have any expertise in the area. Most problems like this are correctable if you can find someone with the skill and knowledge. If they can transplant a face, someone ought to be able to help you. Contact AAFPRS, the American Academy of Facioplastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


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Choosing the right surgeon should be given the prime importance. The greatest change in our lives is on their hands.

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